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Archive for October, 2015



      Step-by-step, I’m Learning how to Live again, A clean slate, A fresh start, I’m Learning how to Love again,   And also what it means to be a Father with a capital F, Now knowing that I fully can again, Prove to be their idol, Their hero, Cherish our relationship, Be there as their closest friend,   Every time I make them grin, that very Second is an instantaneous win, Priceless and Kodak moments can be Used as a perfect synonym,   How many times they’ve made me smile? Well…there’s not even a number on any Automobile’s vin, They give a special feeling in my stomach, Their hearts are combined with mine within, They teach me how to “Love Life”, And that “Live Love”, is That beautiful phrase’s twin, In my Family phrase, it’s known to me as The “Keys of Kin,”   I understand now that these bonds with My kids will never be broken, Or even come close to want to stray away Or bend, Now that I’m all better, togetherness is fulfilled, We are all One, And with it there is no end,   I’m born again, On the mend, If they ask me how high to jump, I’ll Ask them how high they need me to, Just […]



    Pen in my ear, Mind so clear, With a blue lined piece of paper, It’s my perfect atmosphere,   If it’s fears, doubts and insecurities I fear, I just relay it with the production of ink, Releasing every single reflection, Keeping raw emotion here, near and Dear,   Pouring out feelings and dealings, of how I persevered from Being down and out, down in the Dumps severe,   Uncountable amount of tears, Insurmountable number of fears, Could barely put two words together, I was “Headlight Depressed,” A scared, alone, frightened deer,   Scared of my own shadow, Addiction ran wild, Paranoia extended from ear to ear, Thinking everyone was out to get me, This was the clothing that my mind Thought it had to wear,   So full of rage’s glare, Fury inside, So confused, Wanting to shift and switch into every Depressive mental gear,   Held it buried deep, Struggled in my own skin, Afraid of what direction that Aggravated depression would eventually Steer and veer,   I turned my will over to God, Keeping my love ever so sincere, I Prayed a letter for a release from all That stress,: “Please God, Guide me along the way, Because I know You know me best, Help me pass each of life’s trying tests, […]



    Like the chirping of the springtime’s returning birds, I like to bring about the sound of Happiness within Encouragement, It’s my choice of passion in poetry’s spoken word, Although I speak of my rough patches, The positivity gained through those experiences IS it’s nature, Therefore I truly hope that it’s observed And honestly heard,   I emphasize my adjectives, And choose wisely with each noun and verb, I try to use any words that offend, opposes other’s opinions, Or even phrases that would come close to offensively, on purpose perturb,   For me, it’s a way to spread some knowledge, Of what I’ve learned throughout my struggles in the past, The emotional pain inflicted, The emotional scars and burns, A whiplashed past that addictions and Bad decisions unfortunately caused me to earn,   I’ve accepted and came to terms with every last one, And in return,  Since then certainly fully learned, That’s a plus in my book, For, Wisdom gained through those ordeals have given me a life to now grow from, A chance to give back and maybe help others, A way to truly serve,   Also in return, To my loved ones, I am no longer a hindrance, A problem child, Or a nonstop, staying up all […]



      I’m in my own Age of Discovery, So, I thought it’d be best if I wrote a book and blog as Renditions of my security roads to recovery, It’s been a long, hard, and grueling journey, But, I have finally found the right path, Took me over thirty years,… But I finally have recovered and discovered the real Me,     These are my cliffnotes, The hike, with the accomplishment of a mission, A truthful outpouring of my difficult expedition, It’s the inNer cavity of my newfound knowledge and well being, Contented sobriety poetical encryption, Self improvement and progression are What I’m enlisted in, Things I’m still learning about myself And then humbly listin’,   Spelunking through caves filled with excitements and happiness, With none of depression’s stalagmites and Stalactites groWing there conflictin’, It’s a cavern surrounded with Serenity and Tranquility, Along with my ink’s graffiti glimmering hope, A Soul searching exploration that We fully express with upliftin’,   These thoughts are my composure’s Architectural building blocks, My new positive thinking process, Not just something to just throw on Pages, as something nice and nifty, I use this vision as imagery with no form Of photoshopped trickery,   These are straight photographs of my mind, With a little sound of Hickory Dickory Didgeri, My ballpoint instrument that has a Tremendous […]








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