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Archive for December, 2015



      If I wasn’t trying to improve, then My paper would lay dormant, Thus, My pen wouldn’t even choose to move,   My feelings are laid down true and proud, I’m friendly with all of them too, so My motivation will Never choose to fail or lose,   My hopes and dreams are always awake, Even when I sleep there is no button for them to snooze, I have a passion bass hear,  With high volume treble, So my whole entire body feels the Sensation of its constant groove,   No room for those past self doubts, Anxieties, And Mr. Depression Gloom, My family’s love surrounds so there’s no Possible way he can bring me down, Sitting there degrading me as he tries to Hover and loom, He can try his hardest, but It doesn’t matter if he feels froggy, opens and Feels like he can bloom, I no longer care if his depressive engine really vrooms and zooms,   Because this is David’s pen, It’s a slingshot to his negative influences, Or any other problems he tries to  Stew and brew, My bic’s ballpoint strives against his goliath’s ghouls,   It’s dusting off my shoulders with pages of perseverance, I’ve been handed down heavy handed Positivity brooms, […]



      DNA and chromosomes,…. I feel these poem’s passion like it’s Embedded within my bone marrow’s chemical makeup, It’s like a form of my epidermis Undertone,   I choose to use my reflections in text, It’s my formation of a magnified, Microscopic, Typed microphone,  That sets a soothing and relaxing tone,   I examine and evaluate myself very closely, Making sure it’s only positivity that I produce and therefore bestow, A self inventory toolbox that has helped fix me, It’s constantly on patrol, Composing with a peace of mind is  How I constantly freedom write and roam, Outspoken devotion’s fully opened, With sincere emotion’s adventure’s being shown, known, and owned,   Flights of navigation through my thoughts as a second home, I openly navigate along my hardship’s roads, Escapades of my natural history and first hand experiences, My honesty biography, An expedition’s stroll in scroll, Biographical,  It adds to  How I’ve Learned,  Churned and grown,   I speak about hard miles of severe Disappointments that I unfortunately went and drove, Literally and considerably the  Toughest miles flown, It’s dusted off and explained up close and personal, Then it’s etched and passionately set into papyrus, Finally being placed upon this laptop’s blogging tablet stone. By: Dave Riley


    To have made my whole Family proud….. Man, do I love that subject,  Thought, Gift and sound, The sight of seeing their happiness, for Their lost Family member has returned, And finally come back around,   Through miraculous Blessings from Above, my Dignity and self respect have been gathered up, Rejoined,  And thankfully found, Hills of marvelous mounds of happiness and harmony, It’s the tranquility of this landscape that makes my whole world go ’round,   Family is much more than just a word to me, It has much BIGGER meaning than just being a simple or even proper noun, The love felt and shared between us only grows upward, Higher and higher, No gravitational pull, There’s no way for it to ever be pulled down,   That same Love that surrounds is so tightly woven, So close-knitted now that it could never again be unwound, It’s so sincere, So serene, It makes my heartbeats do a dance, With the most perfect steadiness of pounds,   Pound for pound it’s just plain amazing, It impresses me immensely and also astounds, Their love is so concrete and distinct, If you are looking for an adjective at this time….. I will most certainly use PROFOUND,   With their supportive involvement through my struggles, it Has kept […]



      The way I lived before was a hazard, Causing extreme harm to myself, It was a life-style of pure pollution, Trying to self medicate myself like There was no other alternative, No answer, No logical satisfactory solution,   Seeming like there was no cure for my disease, My disorder, I was in a constant state of loneliness and confusion, No end to that rage and madness, Or any healing that could end all that depression, Feeling so low and lost, like I was a downward spiral’s tragic conclusion,   Having a happy life seemed so distant, A forever dream and hope that would never come true, Just a hazy mirage, Combined with a foggy filled illusion,   The happiness and joy was always forced, It almost seemed like being happy was an awkward trespassing, And an invading intrusion, Chemically iMbaLaNCeD, I was always fighting myself, Using other chemicals that were harmful to my health in Order to try to simmer it down and dilute it,   Couldn’t argue with the fact that I was headed downhill for sure, There was really no way to even dispute it, Causing my own self destruction, Caused the Family to be in turmoil, Constantly butting heads with me and feudin’,   Then one giant […]


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