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Archive for May, 2016


    Steppin’ on positivity’s gas pedal and I’m makin’ sure I’m settin’ it on cruise,  Lettin’ it propel me to brighter horizons, because in the past I Expected each day to proceed with an unforgiving lose, Negativity was always inevitable, It was the automatic emotion I’d feel I had to use, Depression mounted with its daily gruel, Armed with heavy artillery,  It was a barrage blasting basically of unbearable blues, Brain cells being bamboozled, My bells ringing as one big mental bruise, Sadness covered me in a looming darkness, I tried to fight it off, but I ended up losing every single duel, I was workin’ so hard at it, but there was barely any more horsepower left in this mule,,  My motivation completely defeated and depleted, I was runnin’ on an empty gas tank with hardly any fuel,   But with that first said positivity, I’m a workhorse reenergized, No exaggeration of my hearts size, I’ve humbly realized, And also taken to the fact that if being fully focused can be my new mind state, then I’m strivin’ to be fully hypnotized, My raw emotion and sincere passion are both friendly combined,  Working together in perfect harmony,  Much more than just simply synchronized, Happy thoughts specified, Magnified GOOD VIBES, In the past I would always try […]


    To stress on regrets?  To me, it’s them trying to send some kind of personal demeaning threats, To get caught up by them all, Involving myself in their drama and emotional suspense, Always trying to break me down,  One giant peanut gallery, Constantly throwin’ in their own two cents, Tryin’ to convince me that turning back time is the only logical thing that makes any sense, They want be to be chained down daily, With tensed up emotions, The ones that feel so overbearing and so insanely intense, The ones that trap and capture your very being, Heavy and extremely dense, Immense,  With only harmful malicious intent,   Trying to tear up my self esteem that I have finally successfully built up, Well, Sorry to tell ’em, for their information, they WON’T EVEN PUT A DENT, My inspiration and motivation to conquer them is solid, it’s ‘bedrock cement’, For, I give my worries about regrets up to God, It’s my meditation’s vent, Prayers answered, Heaven sent, They will always try to make they’re presence felt though, They come in spurts, but are quickly tired and spent, Because with the Man Above’s help, as quickly as they came, the faster they have always backed down and went. By: Dave Riley


    This poetry is Me, Finally getting back into the proper groove, My thoughts within are no longer jumbled, They can now freely roam and actually move, Humblified, its beyond just simply nice or really cool,   My writing wrist can now move with a positive attitude, Therefore my whole entire notebook and journal can be satisfactorily soothed, No more rage on these blue lines,  So even the red margains love to hear that good news,   Grateful to be able to share my feelings,and even more thankful that I can safely reflect on my truest blues,  It’s honesty from the heart, To maybe help prevent some people’s stereotypical views, or Even degrading gossip that always unfortunately stews and brews,   I’m here to say, addicts are people too, And sometimes the chains that bind get them tangled up, and as We are coming to sadly realize, its thousands of people affected, And not just a selected few, Therefore spreading awareness is a must, It’s what these compositions and poetics will hopefully do, Erase the stigmas and labels that are placed upon them, Judged immediately, Which, in my view,is a close minded way of seeing things, Causing the ones affected to be that much more pinned down […]


    Thoughts of my dark past?, Suffering in my own skin?, Dying on the inside?, Yeah, Sure it sometimes crosses the mind, And sure it’s residual, But that’s ok, it helps me to never forget where I came from, It sticks with me a bit, but grateful recovery makes it minor and minuscule, For strength, wisdom, and knowledge have officially been gained,  And because of it, I’ve become a much more improved individual,   Many have come before me,  I’m so happy they accomplished it too, They are a Power of example, Showed me that I also had what it takes to make it through, For these people, I think, are an underestimated tool, They’ve helped me tighten up my life, every progressing nut, bolt and screw, Taught me that when you’ve counted out yourself down and out, It’s been proved, That there is a always a tremendous amount of HEART you still have deep down inside, It’s just all about how much you can find and actually courageously choose to use,   So I chose to fight back against the disease with all I had, It was consisted of the straight, direct, powerful uppercuts I used, Sending it flying through the air to the mat with perseverance’s 1’s and […]


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