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Archive for October, 2016


    Sick of all the pain, sick of all the pain, Thunder blunder brain, Blood’s boilin’ over with pure lightning in my veins, A rage filled storm, devastating winds plus torrential terror rain, Burnt bridges are everywhere I’m being scorched by all the flames, Full of guilt, full of shame, Losin’ all control, I can barely even function, addiction holds the reigns, Why do I even hold on when everyday remains the same? Wakin’ up with a disease that has me distinguished as an addict, a personality trait that’s been progressively gained, Strickened with self pity, my reputation has been excessively stained, How do I even fight back, LOOK at this life I made, “Back to the Future”, I feel like this is the point where my picture fades, Feelin’ like a natural disaster, a twister that can’t be tamed, Only stressin’ on regrets, my whole entire cerebellum’s strained, I’m a hurricane enslaved, yet a raptor that’s been uncaged,   I failed myself, I failed my Family, so on my mind it’s war I wage, Depression at it’s highest level, giving up’s a given, it’s the next one to take the stage, Not sure how it even happened, but I’m the one at fault and the one to truly blame, But what do […]


    Sewin’ up my life with some thrifty little threads, Stresses of the past are laid down for a permanent rest in a rearview mirror’s lens, As a result, I dedicate myself to making a better day today and those ahead of me instead, Positives instead of negativity, gaining back traction, An activity that specializes in a “motivation tread”,   I had to Sober up, it’s addiction’s layer I had to go and shed, I just wanna let others strugglin’ know that it’s possible for them too, I’m Not lookin’ for some type of “congrats” or extra cred, Just face your disease head on, even though I know that’s what we first fearfully dread, Throw away the life of those suffering times you have unfortunately led, Please, don’t do as I did in the past and be the one who avoided it all and fled,   Do a Soul Search, it takes the cake, it’s the butter and the bread, Keep a circulation of perseverance, the resiliency can be the “stocking teds”, Arm yourself with premium productivity, Reflect on your self-inventory and thus begin that “Inner Mend”,   Addiction likes to attack, so let’s fight back even harder and love the action of being able to stronghold deFEND, It’s negative surges with have no […]


    Fixin’ up my life with all my screws tightly fastened, My passion was the tool I used, I use it as my set of pliers, This passion now has no end date,or ‘best by a certain day’, and it will never feel the need to expire, One of my occupations is improving myself day by day, there’s no way I’ll ever decide to retire, Through the past’s pain and agony I finally made it through to the clearing, persevering through the briars, If I said I used to not care about failing at life I’d be one of those grade A first class liars, Giving up felt like the only option, I was hard wired to function as hopeless and uninspired, Just figured the world was out to get me and everyday it would devise a plan and conspire,   I’d always find myself riding in the backseat while misery was my livery driver, It had full control of every situation, the gashes of depression acted as the salt as The wounds opened up even wider, The misery had a weird way of finding the right button to push, a way to trip my circuits, like it Was a circumnavigating type of “MacGyver”, Navigating a way to eliminate my motivation, Somehow it just seemed […]


    The world is weighin’ me down, I always find myself strugglin’ on my knees beggin’ please, I can no longer bear the weight, and this pain I feel can no longer be relieved, My addiction’s runnin’ wild, my whole entire body feels like it’s under siege, I just wanna escape from myself, So where’s the damn door to leave?   Can’t control the depression, everyday it knocks me down, I’ve lost the will to bob and weave, Burnt bridges from all those I let down, stole from, lied to and everyday deceived, So I guess the loss of my integrity and self-respect have been well deservingly self-received,   My mind is so far gone and lost it seems beyond impossible to ever go retrieve, Any passion to push on is gone, I’ll just add it to the list of all my shattered dreams, My only thoughts are givin’ up, Trying is all together extinct, The thoughts of being inspired are the opposite of intrigued, “Please someone help me! Internally I scream, All alone I throw my hands up and constantly plead,   I’m witherin’ away, Corroding at the seams, My foundation is cracked, weaker by the day, growing even more worried about my strugglin’ barely standing beams, Fallin’ down, fallin’ apart, my eyes completely flushed for all they […]


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