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Archive for February, 2017


    Way back when in those suffering strugglin’ days I lived in complete darkness, I seemed to try my hardest, but I couldn’t seem to find the way to live right, It didn’t even matter anyway, because I was way too depressed to even go through the tunnel, or even wanna see the light, I ended up not even caring, I almost didn’t even think about it twice, Somehow satisfied with the feeling of sadness and pain, a comfort zone that felt alright, Anger became my outlet and output to say the least, straight fury within its might, My house’s walls becoming paranoid for they were fearing which one was next, which one I would cock back and strike, Every hole punched was just me losing the ability to pick myself up and fight, Quite simply put, I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up on life, All hope becoming lost, Long forgotten, it wasn’t even close to being in my sights, Trapped in a dangerous and lethal self-defeating plight, My brain was being severely strained all day until my eyes closed at the end of each and every night,   My whole body was completely drained, Strugglin’ to grasp on and grip […]


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