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Archive for March, 2017



    I now understand that when my problems and or concerns seem too big for me I’m never undermanned, The Man Above will guide me through them helping me along, Constantly there lending His Hand, relieving and releasing stress and anxiety through my entire life’s span, In the past I was so sure that my life was ending, but little did I know God had a much more different and significant unique plan, A life that was peaceful and full of Serenity, one that was Grand, Through struggles, difficult situations and strife He was transforming me into a much stronger, more grounded and better man, When my state of mind had buckled under pressure He was the first one to rush to my rescue, My Faith has taught me He most definitely dropped everything He was doing and immediately rapidly ran, The best way to explain it I guess is, I could feel the positive encouragement’s energy surge through every microscopic chromosome, Every pore, Every gland,   I was knocked down so many times and swept away, out to sea, but there He was to bring me to shore, His Saving Grace is compared to if I crawled on my stomach finally being able to kiss […]


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