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Archive for May, 2017


    Whattaya even do when you feel as if the devil’s on your back? When everywhere you turn he’s trying to knock you off your tracks, Attempting to bring you down so hard and fast, Trying his best at leading you away from the right chosen life choice and path, Loving the sight of seeing you suffer and slack, I guess it’s not surprising, for after all that’s his only purpose and petty task,   He kicks back and laughs anytime you fail, while at the same time putting his feet up enjoying his popcorn and tasty snacks, Loving if you’re falling apart at the seams and when self-esteem is what you lack, Zeroes right in on you if that’s the case, that’s the ugliness of his mad dash, For him it’s a plus when you don’t succeed and fall flat, or even losing any motivation that you thought you may have had, To give up? Run away from trying to succeed? he’ll gladly help you hurry up, close shop and quickly pack,   If you try to progress then he’ll try his damnest to make you fall short with his twisted and sadistic traps, his only hope is that you lose hope, it’s the design […]


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