This poetry is Me,

Finally getting back into the proper groove,

My thoughts within are no longer jumbled,

They can now freely roam and actually move,

Humblified, its beyond just simply nice or really cool,


My writing wrist can now move with a positive attitude,

Therefore my whole entire notebook and journal can be satisfactorily soothed,

No more rage on these blue lines,

 So even the red margains love to hear that good news,


Grateful to be able to share my feelings,and even more thankful that

I can safely reflect on my truest blues,

 It’s honesty from the heart,

To maybe help prevent some people’s stereotypical views, or

Even degrading gossip that always unfortunately stews and brews,


I’m here to say, addicts are people too,

And sometimes the chains that bind get them tangled up, and as

We are coming to sadly realize, its thousands of people affected,

And not just a selected few,

Therefore spreading awareness is a must,

It’s what these compositions and poetics will hopefully do,

Erase the stigmas and labels that are placed upon them,

Judged immediately,

Which, in my view,is a close minded way of seeing things,

Causing the ones affected to be that much more pinned down and subdued,


So my Prayer comes straight from the kneeling Pews,

Lets help with this disease of addiction,

And not just say, “well it’s their own fault if they lose…”,

Acting like its the life they systematically choose,

No one wants to see they’re family members struggle,

And especially not have their sons and daughters be overrun by addiction, arms covered

With bruise, after bruise, after bruise.

By: Dave Riley