A man infested with addiction’s upper hand,

Can’t fumigate those pests in his mind,

 He’s been shut down and overran,

The substance abuse is so strong, the struggle within he

Cannot comprehend and fully understand,


Dependency has surrounded him and has taken the reigns,

It complicates and hinders all his childhood’s dreams and life’s plans,

He can’t escape from the hole he dug,

No matter how high the ladder was, or how far he went and ran,


The landscape of a day consisted of only the choice to use,

For he was the chemical’s favorite player, definitely it’s biggest fan,

Controlling every impulse and DNA strand,

It became the foreman of every thought process’ plot of land,

No ability to fight back,

No way to be mentally manned,

Feeling so deserted and alone,

So there is no way to make a single stand,


Losin’ the motivation to even deal,

Losin’ the ability to even feel,

Stomach twisted in knots,

Skipping the action of even having a meal,


We cannot deny these clear portraits I paint,

This daily epidemic is all too frequent and REAL,

The affects of it’s effects are immense,

These onion facts need to be heard,

Stressed on, figured out and carefully peeled,


This is a very serious disease,

We can’t let it go misunderstood,


Taken lightly, therefore, in a way, concealed,

So many loved ones are being dragged in,

The controllable substances are pulling them under,

A.K.A “the evil rods and reels”,

Hopes and dreams becoming only mental files from the past,

Closed off,

Locked away,

Lost within and sadly sealed,

Opioids are clogging up the fluidity of life’s flowing current,

That’s the truly unfortunate situation’s deal,

That is the focus of this poem and pen,

To act as the written posted projection reel,


Let’s be part of the solution,

No longer let it take our loved ones away,

No longer let it be able for them to steal.

By: Dave Riley