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Inspirational Thoughts

My name is David and I wanted to give a little background for people to understand where I’ve come from and aspire to be. I’m a 32 year old man with a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful children. A 9yr old boy and 4yr old girl. They mean the world to me and if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Since the age of 14 I was diagnosed with a bad case of bi polar disorder with aggravated depression. I was prescribed numerous medications throughout the years to help with it, and meanwhile I had gotten into using drugs along with them,which slowly but surely sent me into a downward spiral. Eventually after years and years of drug abuse and not taking medication correctly I had made life for my entire family very difficult. My mood swings and depression had gotten so severe that I was pushing them further and further away from me, without even realizing it myself. To make a long story short I almost lost everything that was so dear to me. My wife, my children, our beautiful house, and of course my dignity. Through my faith, prayers, and a whole lot of hope I made it through all of these extreme struggles. I thank God everyday that I had my family there as my extraordinary support system to guide me through those toughest of times.

To help me reflect on the past and present I have been writing poetry to rediscover the man I have always dreamed of being. A wonderful father, husband, son and brother that is a pleasure to have around. It helps to describe and explain what I was going through during these tough times and my journey through a grateful recovery. I describe it as my life’s recollections through poetry connections of collections. Hopefully people that have maybe gone through the same thing or have had a family member dealt with addiction and depression can get some helpful insight and maybe a sense of their own motivational inspiration. Enjoy, and I hope that these poems in posts can also entertain and give a few moments of happiness and clarity during any given day. Thank you very much for reading it is greatly appreciated!



    I remember back then, When I had my hands raised to the sky, askin’ the Heavens, “how do I fix this?”, I didn’t want to be on that chart of all those unfortunate fatal addict statistics,  “Why me?” Self-pity surrounded, To be specific and simplistic, What’s the point of me livin’, if I was engulfed in a hopeless existence?, Sufferin’ with disorders and a sickness which everyone had to unfortunately witness, Substance abuse, Severe depression, Was I born with this? Anxiety too,  Is there a way for me to unequip it?,   So, I wrote and I wrote about it, Somehow satisfied in my sinkin’ sand of sadness, Not sure how, but I became ‘one’ with the anger and all the madness, Holes in the sheetrock, couldn’t express my feelings right, so that’s the way I always Had to have it, Cryin’ till my eyes hurt,  Yet, Kept writin’ to what I figured could eventually be to the masses, Maybe have people take a second look at the severity of depression and suffering addict’s actions, Not just the stigma that’s judged and only seen through clouded glasses,  And,….  For all I knew, they would just stand back, look at me, The wreck,   All together just start shakin’ their heads questionin’ and laughin’, It […]


    To me, workin’ hard everyday is harmony, Just bein’ able to “show up” for the day is just as sweet, Bein’ Burnt out is not an option, When I see life’s challenges now I welcome them, All excited,  Fired uP,  And can now finally enjoy fighting against any adversity’s heat,   But, Seeing as though improving and learning in life is never done, it’s a job that I always openly meet, I can only try my best at whatever I do, to someday make a little dent, and in the smallest way complete, I’ll never be close to perfect, But one things for sure, I always sold myself short before, and I’m all set with the disgusting taste and swallowings of defeat, I ate so much of it that there were many days that I couldn’t even floss it from my teeth,   So, This is for you Defeat: To you, I produce these written sheets, A special way to convey that I Will Never Give Up, I’ve come to give it 120 percent with every single year, month, day and week I wake up to and greet, And if you that you’re gonna school me in each and every heat, I have a Bolt’s “NEWSFLASH”, There’s no reason for you to come up to the line anymore to compete, You were always tryin’ to drain me […]


    Every mornin’ wakin’ up, was like a mindstate of unexplainable explosion, Unable to deal with life itself, So minute after minute was an immediate rage filled aggravation explosive, Brainwaves being washed away with all the chemicals I was enclosed in, Brain currents were one big beach erosion, Clear thinking was out the window,  Brain cells were helpless vegetables that were sadly shriveled up and decomposin’,   Addiction held the reigns, It had full control of my core and epicenter, It definitely, without a doubt, wasn’t purposely chosen, It was stallin’ my self growth and progress, Referred to him as Mr. Freeze because he had me stuck in his chamber, Austin Powers frozen, Years and years of constant substance abuse, There wasn’t a single day that I wasn’t down in the dumps, eyes closed and dozin’, I tried to open my eyes to face the world, but the doors to reality kept slammin’ in my face and Instantly closin’, Didn’t wanna face the man I had become, so the sadness just became a complicated form of bottled up emotions, Didn’t wanna face my feelings either,  It was only causing loved ones constant worry, Chaotic communication and commotion,   Still I couldn’t put change into action, not even the closest idea or “know […]



    You can’t predict the future, But you can choose how you live in the present, So I always keep positivity at the forefront, Potent, With a distinct powerful presence, A Positive energy and synergy that destroys negativity, Its a jackpot, Triple 7’s, Thus beating it is a gratifying gift to yourself, and A daily action that provides self-esteem boosting presents,   It’s the passion to stay upbeat, Compassion with a heart filled with the purest and healthiest essence, Passing along good vibes, While at the same time learning about lifes’s journey, adventures and lessons, So I kinda consider this a poetry session of definition PROGRESSion.        By: Dave Riley








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