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Inspirational Thoughts

My name is David and I wanted to give a little background for people to understand where I’ve come from and aspire to be. I’m a 32 year old man with a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful children. A 9yr old boy and 4yr old girl. They mean the world to me and if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Since the age of 14 I was diagnosed with a bad case of bi polar disorder with aggravated depression. I was prescribed numerous medications throughout the years to help with it, and meanwhile I had gotten into using drugs along with them,which slowly but surely sent me into a downward spiral. Eventually after years and years of drug abuse and not taking medication correctly I had made life for my entire family very difficult. My mood swings and depression had gotten so severe that I was pushing them further and further away from me, without even realizing it myself. To make a long story short I almost lost everything that was so dear to me. My wife, my children, our beautiful house, and of course my dignity. Through my faith, prayers, and a whole lot of hope I made it through all of these extreme struggles. I thank God everyday that I had my family there as my extraordinary support system to guide me through those toughest of times.

To help me reflect on the past and present I have been writing poetry to rediscover the man I have always dreamed of being. A wonderful father, husband, son and brother that is a pleasure to have around. It helps to describe and explain what I was going through during these tough times and my journey through a grateful recovery. I describe it as my life’s recollections through poetry connections of collections. Hopefully people that have maybe gone through the same thing or have had a family member dealt with addiction and depression can get some helpful insight and maybe a sense of their own motivational inspiration. Enjoy, and I hope that these poems in posts can also entertain and give a few moments of happiness and clarity during any given day. Thank you very much for reading it is greatly appreciated!


    A man infested with addiction’s upper hand, Can’t fumigate those pests in his mind,  He’s been shut down and overran, The substance abuse is so strong, the struggle within he Cannot comprehend and fully understand,   Dependency has surrounded him and has taken the reigns, It complicates and hinders all his childhood’s dreams and life’s plans, He can’t escape from the hole he dug, No matter how high the ladder was, or how far he went and ran,   The landscape of a day consisted of only the choice to use, For he was the chemical’s favorite player, definitely it’s biggest fan, Controlling every impulse and DNA strand, It became the foreman of every thought process’ plot of land, No ability to fight back, No way to be mentally manned, Feeling so deserted and alone, So there is no way to make a single stand,   Losin’ the motivation to even deal, Losin’ the ability to even feel, Stomach twisted in knots, Skipping the action of even having a meal,   We cannot deny these clear portraits I paint, This daily epidemic is all too frequent and REAL, The affects of it’s effects are immense, These onion facts need to be heard, Stressed on, figured […]


    Addiction is causing families to be torn apart, A ripple effect that is ripping them at the seams, It’s time to battle back, Conquer this epidemic we’re facing, And Eradicate this disease,   We need to talk about it with our kids, Same as we do with the birds and the bees, Educate the younger minds, Teach about the temptations,  This is a pleading poetic “Please”, For that to reach the younger generations, I constantly pray and hit my knees,   Addictions are stealing lives as we speak, I refer to them as a very cruel, ruthless family full of thieves, Let’s put our heads together and somehow make their  Negative influences have no choice but to get up, pack their bags and leave,   Let’s get our loved ones back, Help them so they are no longer lost, Therefore graciously retrieved and well received,   I know one thing for sure, I’m putting my time and energy towards it, Sweating with this motivational poetry, What does that mean? It means my pen will always drip devotion for the cause, and therefore constantly bead, I let this ink bleed, because like I’ve said in previous poems,… “It’s how my motivation and dedication breathes”,   I was raised to always try to do good works, To […]


    As my ink fills the page, I realize the vital importance of each composition’s reflection, Breakin’ down the day, Makin’ sure I did my best in each minute, hour, and every second’s section, That’s why I try my damnest to bring forth the passion through my pen from Within my heart, It’s a sincere collection from my brain’s currents and waves of communicative connection,   Sharing hope and positive vibes to others who may be struggling, My cohesive complexion, For, with pouring out my inner most emotions it Gives some helpful insight to those that might be stuck at a fork, A life’s frightening intersection, Maybe tough times that seem way too difficult and too testin’,   So I hope to provide some encouragement, To make “changing for the better” their Primary selection, I’m not perfect by any means, but I have learned through my past troubles And addictions many lessons, Through experience we need to teach our kids, teens, and adolescents, So helpin’ out in any way I can, well… That’s my poetry’s choice of words, and selective elective, Poetical incentive, After all, Raising more awareness is in its own way extremely protective. By: Dave Riley  


    Giving up was definitely and most certainly debated and contemplated, Self esteem and self worth was absolutely demolished, Taken away,  So technically, altogether confiscated, Mixed up emotions causing confusion,  Smothering each other, I had the lumps in my throat feeling like I was suffocatin’, Understatements were self destruction, self demolition, so altogether  Complicated,   Self pity held the reigns, Holding its head high, Stuck up, nose to the sky,  Sophisticated, Helplessness surrounded, Feeling so lost,  And so extremely faded, Right along with substance abuse occurin’ with its annoying constant cravin’, Oceans and waves of negativity was where my mind state stood,  I Aimlessly hopelessly waded,   Dealing with self defeat daily, nomination devastation, Pain was a sure shot excrutiatin’, That’s how each and every day was dealt with,  And unfortunately graded, Tried to have confidence in myself,  But depression always won, An Instant persuasion to keep on wadin’ in that previous water that I had stated,   Fear was taking all the victories, Taking pride in his vicious invasions, I’m sure he was laughing at me, Smiling,  Extremely elated, Tasted defeat constantly, Every night I ate it, Grimacing, I hated the way it tasted,   A revolving door of rage,  So every time I woke up it was obvious madness anticipated that Would most certainly be lurkin’ around […]








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