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    Whattaya even do when you feel as if the devil’s on your back? When everywhere you turn he’s trying to knock you off your tracks, Attempting to bring you down so hard and fast, Trying his best at leading you away from the right chosen life choice and path, Loving the sight of seeing you suffer and slack, I guess it’s not surprising, for after all that’s his only purpose and petty task,   He kicks back and laughs anytime you fail, while at the same time putting his feet up enjoying his popcorn and tasty snacks, Loving if you’re falling apart at the seams and when self-esteem is what you lack, Zeroes right in on you if that’s the case, that’s the ugliness of his mad dash, For him it’s a plus when you don’t succeed and fall flat, or even losing any motivation that you thought you may have had, To give up? Run away from trying to succeed? he’ll gladly help you hurry up, close shop and quickly pack,   If you try to progress then he’ll try his damnest to make you fall short with his twisted and sadistic traps, his only hope is that you lose hope, it’s the design […]



    I now understand that when my problems and or concerns seem too big for me I’m never undermanned, The Man Above will guide me through them helping me along, Constantly there lending His Hand, relieving and releasing stress and anxiety through my entire life’s span, In the past I was so sure that my life was ending, but little did I know God had a much more different and significant unique plan, A life that was peaceful and full of Serenity, one that was Grand, Through struggles, difficult situations and strife He was transforming me into a much stronger, more grounded and better man, When my state of mind had buckled under pressure He was the first one to rush to my rescue, My Faith has taught me He most definitely dropped everything He was doing and immediately rapidly ran, The best way to explain it I guess is, I could feel the positive encouragement’s energy surge through every microscopic chromosome, Every pore, Every gland,   I was knocked down so many times and swept away, out to sea, but there He was to bring me to shore, His Saving Grace is compared to if I crawled on my stomach finally being able to kiss […]


    Way back when in those suffering strugglin’ days I lived in complete darkness, I seemed to try my hardest, but I couldn’t seem to find the way to live right, It didn’t even matter anyway, because I was way too depressed to even go through the tunnel, or even wanna see the light, I ended up not even caring, I almost didn’t even think about it twice, Somehow satisfied with the feeling of sadness and pain, a comfort zone that felt alright, Anger became my outlet and output to say the least, straight fury within its might, My house’s walls becoming paranoid for they were fearing which one was next, which one I would cock back and strike, Every hole punched was just me losing the ability to pick myself up and fight, Quite simply put, I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up on life, All hope becoming lost, Long forgotten, it wasn’t even close to being in my sights, Trapped in a dangerous and lethal self-defeating plight, My brain was being severely strained all day until my eyes closed at the end of each and every night,   My whole body was completely drained, Strugglin’ to grasp on and grip […]


    Struggle can be extremely demoralizin’, so step up your game and perform a triple double, Dig down deep, for if used in a fully focused state your mind can be that much needed beneficial “golden shovel”, Excavate then eliminate any and all negativities, I consider them stones of pure hurt, “self-degrading useless rubble”, A Strong, Tough, Relentless sort of STRUGGLE?…Then choose to stand even stronger and to never let it make you crumble, It doesn’t matter how many damn times you faulter, and if you somehow someway seem to always stumble…. They are all learning experiences, it’s all in how you react to the fall, or even those treacherous tumbles,  No matter how many shots life throws at you, you have To prove to yourself that you have what it takes to fight back and “Ready Steady Rustle”, To persevere through the tough, tougher and toughest times, be tenacious, it’s the “Perseverance Progressive Rumble”, The punches of negativity will always be thrown into every struggle’s shuffle, but never throw in the towel, keep proceeding and Fighting your way back through every single scuffle, Keep floatin’ like a butterfly and stingin’ hard like that bumble, You get knocked down?…All the more reason to get right back up, for improving yourself and becoming a stronger person is how You pound away and successfully […]

  • YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR ME (rough draft)







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