Family’s Love for one another is absolutely elemental,

Guiding me through the toughest of times,

It’s Absolutely monumental,

The support system that is no Doubt, 

Hands down influential,

The most motivational and inspirational credentials,


Being there for each other during the darkest of times is

As beautiful as the sweetest sounding Beat,


Or constructed instrumental,


After all,

Family should be on some type of Periodic Table before long,

Because helping me along is the strongest Of covalent bonds,

Right there next to Gold,

Stands as Iron strong,


They’re a breath of the purest Oxygen,

In another words, with their helping Hands to light the way,…

There’s just no way you could possibly go wrong,


It’s everlasting Copper strong,

The list is almost endless,

It’s extraordinarily long,

Flowing all together as crystal clear H2O,

It’s a formation’s combination where Eternal Love continues on and on,


They’re the Lithium to my life’s battery,

Positivity is constantly conducted,

Negatives become completely gone,

We are energized as One,

Working together in perfect harmony and cadence,

Like we are instruments in a perfectly conducted song.

       By: Dave Riley