“What are you talking about fear?

Why do you appear and feel like showing me your teeth?

You’re messing with the wrong person,

 You’re messin’ with a brand new breed of beast,

I’m now the calmest that I’ve ever been before,

I’m revitalized,

 Thus, I’m engulFED with this mind FULL of PEACE,


You had better watch out,

 Because my extreme happiness and positivity is constantly being unleashed,

I’m devoted to beating you every single time you feel like showing your face,

All those shady times when you’re approaching me on the creep,

This is my smooth rhythmic beat with a serenity filled mindset,

I’m warning you,

 My drive is the polar opposite of weak,


Let me let you in on another truth,

 Don’t even feel the need to seek, seep and sneak,

Your influence would love to be strong, but my MIND will never open up for you,

It would never even let you in through any type of tiny opening or crease,

You’re just not welcome here,

So, you’re probably pretty upset that IT never openly greets and meets,

Because I’m now a well oiled machine,

You still come into my thoughts, but I can now happily say I stress about you the least,

It’s a Gift from the Man Above, it’s God’s given gears and grease,

With Him I’m running on all cylinders,

Making headway,

 Incredible bounds and leaps,

His Grace is wonderful,

Daily goals have definitely got you severely beat,

And therefore, my daily goals are constantly being reached,


You almost defeated me many times,

I smelt your victory so much, and let me tell you,

You actually reek when you eerily sneak,

But now I can smell you from miles away,

 So be ready, and

Get used to the taste and smell of your own defeat,

I’m hungry for beating you on a day to day basis,

So any day of the week I’ll be happy to stand up for myself strong and feast.”

This poem relates to so many fears, doubts and insecurities that came into play throughout the many

Struggles I went through. So I thought I would write down a few choice words for them! For they had me in a deep sea of worry for the longest time!

A sort of “reflection for self protection.” 🙂


By: Dave Riley