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I sit up in my attic and my pen likes to perform,

It’s movement is somehow automatic,

It fights through painful and difficult thoughts to talk about,

Even those that are the toughest,


 Most of all,



Never stretching truths like a mailman’s bag of elastics,

Even if some scenes from my life are hectic and erratic,

I always include the ones most fought through,

If I didn’t, I would consider that

 As not being very open,

That is known to me as something just plain tragic,


My pen and I will always write from the Heart,

Up close and personal systematics,

It’s the composition and composure of

Our arithmetic mathematics,

If writer’s block appears, well….

God helps with all of that mental traffic,


He’s that instrumental push when He knows I’m in need,

Or when he knows I need to have it,

Just like when he helped me in the past

Going through all

That chaos and uncontrollable havoc,


That’s real talk,

HonesTy to the T,

And carefully,

For the reader crafted,

It’s pure and genuine,

So to me, that’s a

Form of being both classy and classic,


God also keeps me balanced on life’s balance beams,

Full of Grace,

I guess you can call it a Prayer’s form of

“Faith filled gymnastics”,


I try to use imagery with my words,

Describe my life in visual detail,

A high Definition pixels,

And with the clearest of graphics,


This is the one that’s always in the clearest Focus:

To be the best person I can be on any given day,

It is a constant work in progress,

Therefore its constantly always practiced.

By: Dave Riley