Steppin’ on positivity’s gas pedal and I’m makin’ sure I’m settin’ it on cruise,

 Lettin’ it propel me to brighter horizons, because in the past I

Expected each day to proceed with an unforgiving lose,

Negativity was always inevitable,

It was the automatic emotion I’d feel I had to use,

Depression mounted with its daily gruel,

Armed with heavy artillery,

 It was a barrage blasting basically of unbearable blues,

Brain cells being bamboozled,

My bells ringing as one big mental bruise,

Sadness covered me in a looming darkness,

I tried to fight it off, but I ended up losing every single duel,

I was workin’ so hard at it, but there was barely any more horsepower left in this mule,,

 My motivation completely defeated and depleted,

I was runnin’ on an empty gas tank with hardly any fuel,


But with that first said positivity, I’m a workhorse reenergized,

No exaggeration of my hearts size, I’ve humbly realized,

And also taken to the fact that if being fully focused can be my new mind state, then

I’m strivin’ to be fully hypnotized,

My raw emotion and sincere passion are both friendly combined,

 Working together in perfect harmony,

 Much more than just simply synchronized,

Happy thoughts specified,

Magnified GOOD VIBES,

In the past I would always try to escape from myself, but now I’m glad to dig deep within and

Discover the Serenity filled Soul inside,

Livin’ for today, I take each day in patient strides,

For living in the moment I have weighed and sized as an extraordinary prize,

Lovin’ the feeling of pushing down the clutch, shiftin’ into the top gear of drive to thrive.

By: Dave Riley