Healing at this stage of my life, is a form of lyrical oxygenation,

Poetical meditation that only breathes and functions as sincere potent inspiration,

These petals of progression are a picture of my developmental thoughts, and

Compassionate visualization’s communications,

A polaroid pureness of pollination that causes an influx of positive vibe’s flowing hydration,



An extraction and inflation of my internal and external devotion and driven dedication,

Breathing more and more breathes of focus,

Which, all joined together, is my inhale exhale

“Determination’s colonizations,”

I’ve been mentally, physically, and Spiritually awakened,

 God’s Grace,

 Received within my heart is it’s

Constant location,



Guiding me along, a man in grateful recovery, is a miraculous friendly hand extended donation,

He has taught me to realize that with hard work and His help, there is an enormous amount of

Successful and a within a stone’s throw destinations,

Of course, in day by day moderation,

Addiction was my sickness and past immobilization,

But with my Faith it acts as my designated integrated immunization,

It has, without a doubt, saved me from a complete downfall destabilization,



Passed me the ladder when I was in the deepest and darkest of holes,

I call it, “Footprints in the Sand Walking Continuation”,

He lets me know He’s always here with “Godwinks Salutations”,

Signs of progress and my perseverance, as His “Great Job, keep up the good work, and congratulations!”

His R.S.V.P is, “Work as hard as you can to your fullest capabilities,” and to me that’s a sure sign of

An open invitation!



I Bless myself numerous times throughout the day,

I call it my sign of respect and thanks,

“God’s well deserved standing ovation”,

Sincere gratitude for always keeping me in mind, and for every single phrase that I’ve

Placed in quotations,

One of the things that I cherish the most is the silent, yet most meaningful heartfelt

Praying meditation’s conversations.

By: Dave Riley