I like to spread the message of hope,

Embedded in my writings is its employment and enrollment,

So through my pen I also like to share how I’ve learned to cherish and live in each given moment,

How you say?


I’ve narrowed it down to a few important ingredients and a few key components,

I utilize my grateful recovery as my ally and companion,

It’s my secret weapon,

My new way of life and thankfully my recipe’s bonus,


 Addiction and depression are past tense and are now my hopeless opponents,


I show them who’s boss,

And let them clearly know that I have some pretty powerful soil that I’ve been grown in,

Roots consisting of humbleness, humility, and a whole bunch of self-respect finally connected and sewn in,

Growing in unison,

Workin’ together to improve myself daily,

 They’re all fully focused and certainly honed in,


With these things coinciding it really isn’t a competition,

I punish the addiction and depression with pure positivity,

 Knockit’ out with my potent persistant perseverence that have them questioning their own existence,

For that reason alone my contented sobriety and rebirth is never quittin’,

I’m leaving the self doubts, rage, and agitation that comes along with those opponents dusted permanently in the furthest distance,

Therefore the strength and stamina of my resiliancy will always stick to being steadfast and consistent,

And just as a small reminder I show them my Praying hands just in case they missed it,

Makin’ it loud and clear that I’m a lake, river, pond and ocean they never should have casted and fished in,

But now that this certain poem is written I hope they realized, viewed and are fully listenin’.

This passion definitely wasn’t on their wish list,

They wanted me to fail,

They wanted to strike me out so bad with those furious fists,

But now they deal with the biG tuna no surrender in me Carlton Fisk,

A man with a new purpose,

A focused individual that comes wielding a ferocious composing wrist,

Poetry with special meaning,

Heart and Soul into every verse,

If it’s Happiness they hate, then that’s exactly what I’ll dish,

Ink blots of devotion and dedication with every ballpoint this hand flicks,

Their negativity doesn’t stand a chance,

Sure they can throw their stones and sticks,

But trying to bother me ever again is an impossible task,

For them it’s a hazardous waste of time and an attempt they won’t wanna risk.

By: David Riley