Thoughts of my dark past?,

Suffering in my own skin?,

Dying on the inside?,


Sure it sometimes crosses the mind,

And sure it’s residual,

But that’s ok, it helps me to never forget where I came from,

It sticks with me a bit, but grateful recovery makes it minor and minuscule,

For strength, wisdom, and knowledge have officially been gained,

 And because of it, I’ve become a much more improved individual,


Many have come before me,

 I’m so happy they accomplished it too,

They are a Power of example,

Showed me that I also had what it takes to make it through,

For these people, I think, are an underestimated tool,

They’ve helped me tighten up my life, every progressing nut, bolt and screw,

Taught me that when you’ve counted out yourself down and out,

It’s been proved,

That there is a always a tremendous amount of HEART you still have deep down inside,

It’s just all about how much you can find and actually courageously choose to use,


So I chose to fight back against the disease with all I had,

It was consisted of the straight, direct, powerful uppercuts I used,

Sending it flying through the air to the mat with perseverance’s 1’s and 2’s,

Combos that knocked him out cold for a permanent sleeping snooze,

When I finally found that inner strength my mind frame was no longer confused,



 Self abused,

Addictions have now been triumphantly defeated,

Sobriety is now the one who rules.

By: Dave Riley