IMG_20140929_152901My, my, my, what my eyes can now see,

From butterflies and bumblebees to

Unique flowers and the different trees,

Now Appreciating the world around me,

I’m no longer self centered around the

Me, me, me’s,


I pay attention to nature’s details,

The colors of the sunrises and sunsets, or

Even the sight of simple maple leaves,

Phenomenal, it’s magnificent, it’s a hole

In one, from the most difficult of tees,


It’s just like broken glass that is

Transformed into something beautiful,

From just the movement of our seas,

The pearls from an oyster are just as

Cunning and magical, as all the blessings

I have received,


For all the help I have received, it’s more

Meaningful than the most sincere thank

You or please,

The special gift of gratitude is

Something that Never leaves,

It’s being thankful and gracious for a

Second chance at living,

All the more reason to thank the Man

Above, pray often, and hit my knees,


Harmonious in itself, the best way to

Describe it is, It’s How My

Motivation Breathes.


By: Dave Riley