Sewin’ up my life with some thrifty little threads,

Stresses of the past are laid down for a permanent rest in a rearview mirror’s lens,

As a result, I dedicate myself to making a better day today and those ahead of me instead,

Positives instead of negativity, gaining back traction,

An activity that specializes in a “motivation tread”,


I had to Sober up, it’s addiction’s layer I had to go and shed,

I just wanna let others strugglin’ know that it’s possible for them too, I’m

Not lookin’ for some type of “congrats” or extra cred,

Just face your disease head on, even though I know that’s what we first fearfully dread,

Throw away the life of those suffering times you have unfortunately led,

Please, don’t do as I did in the past and be the one who avoided it all and fled,


Do a Soul Search, it takes the cake, it’s the butter and the bread,

Keep a circulation of perseverance, the resiliency can be the “stocking teds”,

Arm yourself with premium productivity,

Reflect on your self-inventory and thus begin that “Inner Mend”,


Addiction likes to attack, so let’s fight back even harder and love the action of being able to stronghold deFEND,

It’s negative surges with have no choice but to surrender, turn back around, and all together end,

Therefore your self-worth skyrockets and astronomically ascends,

Self doubts at an all time high? Well, now they will most certainly rapidly descend,


I’m not that good at public speakin’ so I try to also make those sufferin’ comprehend that I

Know exactly what they’re going through, and I too, was once just like them,

So I will never stop putting my words into action, and never forget to pour my passion on to paper through my pen.

We may be rough on the surface, but beneath us all is always an oyster’s gem.

Adversity is what becomes the strength and where our progression always stems.

I guess what I’m sayin’ is, I’m spreading strength and hope as best I can, and it’s the extra time I will spend.

By: Dave Riley