Addiction is causing families to be torn apart,

A ripple effect that is ripping them at the seams,

It’s time to battle back,

Conquer this epidemic we’re facing,

And Eradicate this disease,


We need to talk about it with our kids,

Same as we do with the birds and the bees,

Educate the younger minds,

Teach about the temptations,

 This is a pleading poetic “Please”,

For that to reach the younger generations, I constantly pray and hit my knees,


Addictions are stealing lives as we speak,

I refer to them as a very cruel, ruthless family full of thieves,

Let’s put our heads together and somehow make their

 Negative influences have no choice but to get up, pack their bags and leave,


Let’s get our loved ones back,

Help them so they are no longer lost,

Therefore graciously retrieved and well received,


I know one thing for sure, I’m putting my time and energy towards it,

Sweating with this motivational poetry,

What does that mean?

It means my pen will always drip devotion for the cause, and therefore constantly bead,

I let this ink bleed, because like I’ve said in previous poems,…

“It’s how my motivation and dedication breathes”,


I was raised to always try to do good works,

To fill my life’s journey with good deeds,

So giving back is in my blood, and I’d like to spread some

Inspirational verses,

“A crop full of helpful seeds”,

Hopefully harvest some hope for others,

I will search within myself and let my raw emotions and insight take the lead.

       By: Dave Riley