Struggle can be extremely demoralizin’, so step up your game and perform a triple double,

Dig down deep, for if used in a fully focused state your mind can be that much needed beneficial “golden shovel”,

Excavate then eliminate any and all negativities, I consider them stones of pure hurt, “self-degrading useless rubble”,

A Strong, Tough, Relentless sort of STRUGGLE?…Then choose to stand even stronger and to never let it make you crumble,

It doesn’t matter how many damn times you faulter, and if you somehow someway seem to always stumble….

They are all learning experiences, it’s all in how you react to the fall, or even those treacherous tumbles,

 No matter how many shots life throws at you, you have

To prove to yourself that you have what it takes to fight back and “Ready Steady Rustle”,

To persevere through the tough, tougher and toughest times, be tenacious, it’s the “Perseverance Progressive Rumble”,

The punches of negativity will always be thrown into every struggle’s shuffle, but never throw in the towel, keep proceeding and

Fighting your way back through every single scuffle,

Keep floatin’ like a butterfly and stingin’ hard like that bumble,

You get knocked down?…All the more reason to get right back up, for improving yourself and becoming a stronger person is how

You pound away and successfully productively pumble,

Deal with your faults and weaknesses, learn from each of them, every mistake, every misstep, miscue, each and every last “fumble”,

Don’t become disengaged, losing focus all disgruntled, for overcoming adversity is part of life’s complex challenges and puzzles,

The Never Give Up attitude is the “mind’s mightiest muscle”,

Always draw up a game plan to work to your highest potential, set it in stone then proceed to that

Self-Esteem and dreamweaving “huddle”,

There’s a torrential downpour of troubles “defense” preventing you from improving? Well burst its bubble, keep stompin’ through it’s pouring rain and persistant pessimistic puddles,

Optimism will eventually prevail, believe me, but please, never forget to CONSTANTLY remain grateful and humble,

Of course by all means never be afraid to also stand proud of your Achievements, the Extreme Grind of your Hustle.

It’s what you gain from pulling through every struggle that really takes the cake, plus a whole entire bowl of truffle.