Fixin’ up my life with all my screws tightly fastened,

My passion was the tool I used, I use it as my set of pliers,

This passion now has no end date,or ‘best by a certain day’, and it will never feel the need to expire,

One of my occupations is improving myself day by day, there’s no way I’ll ever decide to retire,

Through the past’s pain and agony I finally made it through to the clearing, persevering through the briars,

If I said I used to not care about failing at life I’d be one of those grade A first class liars,

Giving up felt like the only option,

I was hard wired to function as hopeless and uninspired,

Just figured the world was out to get me and everyday it would devise a plan and conspire,


I’d always find myself riding in the backseat while misery was my livery driver,

It had full control of every situation, the gashes of depression acted as the salt as

The wounds opened up even wider,

The misery had a weird way of finding the right button to push, a way to trip my circuits, like it

Was a circumnavigating type of “MacGyver”,

Navigating a way to eliminate my motivation,

Somehow it just seemed to be older, bolder, and a hell of lot more wiser,


I couldn’t see happiness, tunnel vision to only negativity,

Wearing some kind of self-degrading blinders,

Every turn I took was down the wrong road,

Self-devastation blind curves, and self-destruction side winders,


I needed a solution, so I opened up my journal,

“My coping mechanism binder”,

Had to prove to myself that I could make it outta that mess, instead of putting my mind through

A mental ‘meat grinder’,

But all I could do at that time was put all my rage on to paper,

Madness was only found within, shining there obnoxiously as a downward spiral GPS finder,

Hittin’ rock bottom, a deep sea of weep nose diver,

Didn’t wanna accept myself as I was,

Self-pity was laid down with my ink, therefore causing my page’s to have no hiding it ‘shiners’,

Writing along as an empty shell of a man, loneliness was my outer and inner liner,

Loved ones thankfully came to my rescue and became my life preserver revivers,

I believed in them, and little did I know they believed in me,

 They picked me up and showed me how to dig deep and become an addiction to recovery “survivor”,

They guided me to brighter horizons, some sort of miraculous  “Guardian Angels on Earth Inspirational Advisors”,

Lighting the way to a new journey, giving me a kick start, acting as my “Self-Esteem Boosting Fuelpump and Primers”,

Opening up brand new doors to opportunity, I consider them to be “Life Saving Sliders”.

By: Dave Riley