I was given a second chance to coexist with this beautiful Earth,

So I promised myself and my Family, that I will make the best out of

This renewing and revitalized rebirth,

I’ve realized that I can now be a productive member of society,

I had to struggle through many of the deepest darkest days and dirt,


This is why life has taken on a whole new meaning,

A brand new outlook,

A brand new turf,


I learned through every experience,

The many bridges that were almost burnt,

And at those times what was a world full of unbearable unforgiving hurt,

Gigantic mounting depression that constantly perched and relentlessly lurked,


 Never give up is what I strongly urge,

Because I almost succumbed to all of it,

 And was almost completely submerged,


 If it wasn’t for these tough times,

I would never have had so many lessons learned,

It was valuable,

Even those days that were the worst,

I wouldn’t have ever been able to garden myself,

Irrigate my emotions,

Dig deep,

And done a thorough Soul Search,

The toughest challenge I faced was to find my true self worth,


I’m not gonna lie,

It almost made my brain cells burst,

Yeah, it’s sure been a boatful of work,

But I knew in order for me to be there for my family, it

Was what needed to be worked on first,


I had to dedicate myself to it,


 In another words,

Strive for that Progression Thirst,

Put the pedal to the metal,

Shift away from living in the past,

Stressing in the rearview in reverse,

Push harder than ever before,

Put my passion for loving this new life into motion,

And also into each and every poetry verse,

Wearing this compassion as my newly discovered DNA’s makeup,

 And allowing my Positivity to surge,….


Positive is a very powerful adjective,

And it’s also my most important and popular word,

I keep it constantly on track,

Never letting it wander away or swerve,

‘Activate’ positivity, (I emphasize that verb),

If, and when negativity strikes a nerve,

Or throws that unhittable ‘Pedro Cerrano’ curve,

I brush it to the curb,

I recycle that same POSITIVITY,

Thus having it, is never a concern,

In my book, Positive should always contain a capital P,

For that’s the respect I believe it deserves.

By: Dave Riley