Every mornin’ wakin’ up, was like a mindstate of unexplainable explosion,

Unable to deal with life itself,

So minute after minute was an immediate rage filled aggravation explosive,

Brainwaves being washed away with all the chemicals I was enclosed in,

Brain currents were one big beach erosion,

Clear thinking was out the window,

 Brain cells were helpless vegetables that were sadly shriveled up and decomposin’,


Addiction held the reigns,

It had full control of my core and epicenter,

It definitely, without a doubt, wasn’t purposely chosen,

It was stallin’ my self growth and progress,

Referred to him as Mr. Freeze because he had me stuck in his chamber,

Austin Powers frozen,

Years and years of constant substance abuse,

There wasn’t a single day that I wasn’t down in the dumps, eyes closed and dozin’,

I tried to open my eyes to face the world, but the doors to reality kept slammin’ in my face and

Instantly closin’,

Didn’t wanna face the man I had become, so the sadness just became a complicated form of bottled up emotions,

Didn’t wanna face my feelings either,

 It was only causing loved ones constant worry,

Chaotic communication and commotion,


Still I couldn’t put change into action, not even the closest idea or “know how” notion,

I didn’t have the positive energy to make this little blue train chug with any kind of horsepower locomotion,

Unable to muster up any kind of motivation,

Nevermind trying to dig deep for any sort of self-help devotion,

I figured the chemicals I was usin’ were gonna make those feelings disappear,

 Like some kind of newly discovered hocus pocus potion,

Figured it would cool down the scorchin’ pain I felt,

“Aloe Vera Narcotic Soothing Lotion”,


But they only suffocated my efforts to ever get better,

It had every single one of my thoughts strugglin’ and chokin’,

The can of worms of self-realization had fully opened,

Couldn’t stand the damn taste that my mind and integrity were fractured and badly broken,


Didn’t want to deal with the game of life anymore,

Br  o   ke  n dreams,

 And I was all out of hopeful tokens,


Faith then played an important role in my journey and the pathway to rediscover my lost Soul,

Warming my inner self and passion, for it had become so dark and extremely cold,

The yellow brick road trek had become my newfound walking serenity stroll,

The Man Above was the wizard who granted me a second chance at life, and thus turned that same pathway into

A walkway of solid gold,

His Guiding Hand stronghold,

It brought me back from mental death,

The kind that had me ready to call it quits and

All together fold.

A miracle was performed,

That’s why these poems are composed and then humbly told.

By: Dave Riley