Reflections to one’s self are

The poetic portraits that I patiently passionately paint,

In the past I was full of bad decisions and bad mistakes,


I now vow to make respectable, newly adopted character traits,


I characterize complaints,

 Self pity,

 And Self-doubts as hindering restraints,


I’m brushing off these shoulders,

Starting to reinvent myself,

Paint a Brand New Slate,

Finding that inner peace,

I am now Alert,

Attentive and awake,


Poetic visions, to welcome your own unique vision,

It’s what I try to construct,


And hopefully create,

Landscapes and sceneries of a reflective mind state,


Having a positive outlook for a peaceful way of living,

It is very soothing,

It regulates the beating of my own heart’s rate,


I hope to help others that have battled through struggles,

To be a positive influence,

For me, it

Takes the whole entire cake,


Self esteem has finally been revived,

So I wish to pass it on,

I vow to never again let it break down,

Or carelessly deflate,


It’s never too late to make a change,

Like they say “better late than never”,

Well, I say “that’s very true”,

“Never let becoming a better person sit around and aimlessly wait,”



To “never let negativity, hopelessness  and depression win,

Never fall for it’s tempting bait”,

If I pave new roads of righteousness, that

Same negativity gets swallowed up,

It becomes afraid of all My positive energy,

It quickly falls off the map extinguished and disintegrates,


New ideas to succeed come to light and arise,

Staircases for progression in life will

Positively escalate,

That’s why I have chosen to live right,

Like I said…

It is never too late,


It has improved my self,

 And truly realize my self worth,

Recipes for self’s inspiration,

Containing large amounts of motivate,

Served on a paper’s plate of

 My own personal type of poetical innovate,


With Prayer and journaling I compose,

Its the way I focus,



 Melodically meditate,

It’s a way for my pen and

 My reflecting thought’s painting to join hands,

A way for them to show progress and collaborate.


By: Dave Riley