IMG_20140402_180916-1-1IMG_20140501_141523When my pen touches the blue lines, it’s

Instantly a personal revelation of my thought processor’s irrigation,

Sifting through life’s different places and life’s unique trying situations,

Planting my train of thought within it’s newly developed learning process,

It’s how I’ve grown through every growing pain’s vegetation,

In different ways I relay images that are harvested within a

A page’s manifested constructed modulation,

Digging deep within the archeology of my brainwave’s currents,

Extracting true emotion with no desire for hesitations,

No self degrading actions of being close minded filled with trepidation,

I welcome the reader to relate to my brain’s terrain and territory,

An open sea flowing with waves of sweat and tears precipitation’s word’s condensation,

Occurrences of the past, vast wastelands of struggle, and how I’ve realized how to

Have the purest of one day at a time patented patience,


So I break down each first hand experience with helping others obligation,

Reflecting on even the stormiest life’s situations,

The rushing rapids of ferocious frustrations,

Then leading the reader through the cascades of Heaven-sent courage,

For it thankfully led me through whitewater riptide rage, and the bumpiest rides of

Depression and agitation,

It has meant so much to me,

It’s like that victorious feeling of hitting that tie-breaking shot at

The end of regulation,

Given an artistic gift that is cherished, so I’ll use my artistry with phrase’s

and words creation,

To walk you through in my poetic shoes to gain a perspective, through my

Writing form of exhibition’s simulation,

So people can hopefully gain an instant feeling of relaxation, and

An instance of eyeball’s gratification,

Terminology that has an everlasting effect,

Causing even the most closed minded, or sophisticated mind to

Have some type of stimulation.

I love to see positive minds, and positive thought’s accumulations,

Sturdy as a rock,

Metamorphic steady augmentation formation,

Sedimentary sensation and just overcome with joy for a feeling of

Satisfactory jubilation,

Highlighted by igneous to crystallize the indentation of the previous word’s


It’s all also a walkthrough of my recovery as I travel through to a new way of living,

A composure of composer’s adaptation,

Hopefully make others feel comfortable, it’s a notebook’s extended

Hand of “Come, read for some friendly accommodation”.

By: Dave Riley