Dinnda is a whimsical tale that demonstrates the human desire for people to feel extraordinary at one time in their life or thereafter. It begins with the story of Captain Will who builds a successful life as an anonymous maritime entrepreneur. Now, this aging merchant marine, with the loss of his beloved wife, Olivia, realizes a deeper yearning to leave a meaningful legacy. With Olivia’s spirit guiding him, Will devises a plan to build the sleekest, fastest sailing frigate this sleepy, New England town would ever see. Yes, Captain Will has lived a prosperous life and holds many secrets, yet, he is about to embark on his greatest adventure as he brings the legend of his ship, “Sloopy” to life.

As this mystical story unfolds, we learn that Will’s seafaring life has not always been so simple. Recounting one of his expeditions, as a 22yr old, he finds himself mesmerized by a Jamaican Queen, known among the villagers to practice voodoo magic. One evening, the Queens commanding eyes enchant him back to her place. He leaves the next morning, only to return years later, where he is haunted by what he sees. Realizing the truth behind his vision, he knows the Queen’s daughter is his child. Yet, he has transgressed the Queens wishes and she bestows a curse on Will that will change the course of his life.

The Captain keeps his secret and her hex well hidden but soon learns of more players who will carry the wrath of the Queen’s anger. One such person is Ramual, his daughter’s love interest. The angry queen curses him to an endless life on a boat as a consequence of his mistreatment of her daughter after her death. Instead of taking this as a lesson learned, Ramual’s evil ways further evolve.

Now, focused on his present quest, Capt. Will finds a sublime tree to be the keel of Sloopy and hand picks a crew that is flawless in manning her. By fate, he encounters Dinnda, an attractive and committed wife to Berry. He watches from afar and is enchanted by her rhythmical movements as she remains a poised leader, correcting any of her husband’s missteps. It occurs to him, Dinnda has the perfect traits to be Sloopy’s Captain. Covertly hiding his true agenda, he invites them to come aboard.

The couple learns of Captain Will’s plans to race his majestic Sloopy. They are delighted to join his crew for the sailing venture of a lifetime. The christening of Sloopy brings lots of celebrating and a twist of fate occurs when Captain Will drinks too much. In his stupor, he accidentally chants some of the Voo Doo Queens curse and as it makes its way towards the harbor, Sloopy becomes cursed! Strangely, she now has a benevolent gift as well, but will anyone find out?

Still mindful of the Queens curse, Will develops a plan for the couple to become co-captains and later a fierce competition ensues. Berry feels insulted by the notion of sharing a title with a woman and his drinking continues to escalate. Like a loving father, Captain Will keeps a watchful eye on Dinnda, as she attempts to minimize his problem, only to blame herself. Over time, as the alcohol and gambling invades the marriage like entangled weeds, both Barry and Dinnda are left with many difficult decisions as the dynamics of their family and career shift. Not to mention, a possible new love interest may complicate Dinnda’s life.

Meanwhile, the crew encounters perilous sailing adventures as the grandest race draws near. Trying to avoid sabotage form his foe Capt. Larkson, Will plots many schemes to ensure Sloopy is safe. Even more frightening, Captain Will, Dinnda, Sloopy and the crew learn the truth about the legendary “fog pirates.” Desperately seeking ways to avoid them, knowing they are being hunted so as to be destroyed.

As the tale closes, Sloopy and the crew have experienced many wins with some very sad losses. Captain Will creates a necklace to honor as well as warn others of the peril of addictions. Dinnda wears, “The Symbol of Addiction to Recovery” to celebrate Berry’s Recovery, acknowledge her courage in loving someone with an addiction, warning others of the plight of addiction, and being available to talk to those dealing with addictions. Furthermore, it symbolizes the bond of their relationships they formed that will remain forever in their hearts, just as Captain Will wished for in his legacy.



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