Way back when in those suffering strugglin’ days I lived in complete darkness,

I seemed to try my hardest, but I couldn’t seem to find the way to live right,

It didn’t even matter anyway, because I was way too depressed to even go through the tunnel, or even wanna see the light,

I ended up not even caring, I almost didn’t even think about it twice,

Somehow satisfied with the feeling of sadness and pain, a comfort zone that felt alright,

Anger became my outlet and output to say the least, straight fury within its might,

My house’s walls becoming paranoid for they were fearing which one was next, which one I would cock back and strike,

Every hole punched was just me losing the ability to pick myself up and fight,

Quite simply put, I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up on life,

All hope becoming lost,

Long forgotten, it wasn’t even close to being in my sights,

Trapped in a dangerous and lethal self-defeating plight,

My brain was being severely strained all day until my eyes closed at the end of each and every night,


My whole body was completely drained,

Strugglin’ to grasp on and grip to staying somewhat sane,

Feelin’ like a runaway train, barreling down the tracks with a personality that expressed and

Delivered only verbal pain,

Eventually whenever I walked into a room it seemed like people just wanted to avoid me and felt that they

Were unfortunate that I even came,

The way I dealt with all of it was coating it with chemicals, that became my claim to fame,

It’s kind of what you associated it whenever you heard my name,

I wanted so bad to make a positive change, I didn’t want my reputation to be permanently stained,

I remember yelling at God for not helping me, I wanted so bad for someone to somehow blame,


Instead of continuing to blame, I turned my will over to Him swallowing my pride and shame,

From that moment forward He extinguished every single one of those self-doubting and self-deflating flames,

He placed people in my life that became my life preservers,

If it weren’t for Him and His Guardian Angels on Earth there’s no way I could have been quickly revived and saved,

My Tools to repair my life is really what they all became,

Teaching me it was never too late to come back to the real Dave, to bounce back and put some self-respect right back into my name,

To give life a new purpose, a new meaning, the reputation that had been previously stained could be reversed, and

Therefore gratefully and thankfully reclaimed,

God works through people and in His own way that was one of the miraculous gifts of Grace He gave,

A way to right the wrongs, a way to revamp myself, reorganize and progressively rearrange,

I have a full tank now, Faith has forever filled the gauge,

Even on cloudy days I can even sense the Man Above’s Holy Spirit’s rays,

My high hopes have been given a boost and are now forever raised,

I know for a fact in my heart is where I keep Him, and in return I humbly say that everyday in His thoughts I know I’ll always stay.