Giving up was definitely and most certainly debated and contemplated,

Self esteem and self worth was absolutely demolished,

Taken away,

 So technically, altogether confiscated,

Mixed up emotions causing confusion,

 Smothering each other,

I had the lumps in my throat feeling like I was suffocatin’,

Understatements were self destruction, self demolition, so altogether



Self pity held the reigns,

Holding its head high,

Stuck up, nose to the sky,


Helplessness surrounded,

Feeling so lost,

 And so extremely faded,

Right along with substance abuse occurin’ with its annoying constant cravin’,

Oceans and waves of negativity was where my mind state stood,

 I Aimlessly hopelessly waded,


Dealing with self defeat daily, nomination devastation,

Pain was a sure shot excrutiatin’,

That’s how each and every day was dealt with,

 And unfortunately graded,

Tried to have confidence in myself,

 But depression always won,

An Instant persuasion to keep on wadin’ in that previous water that I had stated,


Fear was taking all the victories,

Taking pride in his vicious invasions,

I’m sure he was laughing at me,


 Extremely elated,

Tasted defeat constantly,

Every night I ate it,


I hated the way it tasted,


A revolving door of rage,

 So every time I woke up it was obvious madness anticipated that

Would most certainly be lurkin’ around and eerily waitin’,

With nowhere in sight of dissipatin’,



Every one of my self doubts and worries were heightened,..


Motivation to function had once and for all, almost completely deflated,


The power of Prayer was something that I had in my back pocket the whole time,

But, because of all the hectic times it sat alone,

Sadly and alone sedated,

So with folded hands I put my Faith to the sky,

That’s something that had never expired,

 It’s never outdated,


A Miracle occurred, so

Poetic themed is how I explain and convey it,

Survey each piece of paper,

Then flip it around to tell how I finally

Succeeded and thankfully made it,


Made it through that chaos, for

It was the flowing Positive energy from God Above,

He sensed that I needed a serious case of vital savin’,

His Granted Grace was granted,

 With miraculous action He had

Freed me from addiction’s and disease’s enslavement,


This is a poem of how I felt the warmth within my Soul,

A Heaven sent revival,

 “Safe Haven”.

By: Dave Riley