I pray for everyday to be filled with


 Happiness, and

A stomach full of laughs,

Each of those alone or combined are

Life’s own preserving rafts,

Flying both sails in oceanic waves of

Hopes and dreams,

So your perseverance can be at the helm,

And self confidence can be your sturdiest mast,


Shoot for the stars,

Go fishing for your aspiring dreams with

The longest and

 Most heartfelt dedication’s compassionate casts,


No matter how tough life may seem at

Certain times,

 Prove that you can stay both headstrong and steadfast,

Be the one that can surpass,

 Overcome that adversity and outlast,


Mental toughness is one of the strongest

Of God’s given gifts, blessings, and Grace,

His unbelievable strength of

 Spiritual and compassion’s crafts,


Learning his teachings may seem like

A learning process and a half,

But it’s the greatest of wisdom,

Pure love to the fullest and caring for

One another tasks,

I thank Him everyday, for it’s

 My most favorite class of class,


I store up and soak in all the inspiration as

 If it’s cash in a morale self esteem’s boosting stash,

Never let go of a Positive Attitude and

That cache will keep building up, and up, and up so

Incredibly fast.


Throwing a morning prayer of

Gratitude party for the gift of sobriety,

It’s a simple look to the sky, but for me

Personally its a celebratory bash,


And, whenever I need His guidance He’s

There for me in a flash,

I just slow my thoughts down a little and

He helps me realize a day is not

About a score nor is it a mad dash.

Pessimism and negativity don’t stand a


 There’s no need for them

To try to bring me down and clash.

By: Dave Riley