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Pen in my ear,

Mind so clear,

With a blue lined piece of paper,

It’s my perfect atmosphere,


If it’s fears, doubts and insecurities I fear,

I just relay it with the production of ink,

Releasing every single reflection,

Keeping raw emotion here, near and Dear,


Pouring out feelings and dealings, of how

I persevered from

Being down and out, down in the

Dumps severe,


Uncountable amount of tears,

Insurmountable number of fears,

Could barely put two words together,

I was “Headlight Depressed,”

A scared, alone, frightened deer,


Scared of my own shadow,

Addiction ran wild,

Paranoia extended from ear to ear,

Thinking everyone was out to get me,

This was the clothing that my mind

Thought it had to wear,


So full of rage’s glare,

Fury inside,

So confused,

Wanting to shift and switch into every

Depressive mental gear,


Held it buried deep,

Struggled in my own skin,

Afraid of what direction that

Aggravated depression would eventually

Steer and veer,


I turned my will over to God,

Keeping my love ever so sincere,

I Prayed a letter for a release from all

That stress,:

“Please God, Guide me along the way,

Because I know You know me best,

Help me pass each of life’s trying tests,

Be my teacher on this requested quest,

The medications that deal with my

Neglect, help me to clean up those issues,

It has only added complications to this

Chaotic mess,

My mental disorder has me broken down

And withered,

It’s what I need to seriously deal with,

And to immediately address,

                                                           Sincerely yours,


P.S…. Please don’t think of me any less”,



He had heard that cry for help,

And if I could hear Him, it’s almost as if

He said,

“Dave, settle down, take some deep breaths,

Since your birthdate, you were instantly

Blessed to make it through

Any tough trials and tribulation’s tests,

With all your gifts and talents, make a

Brighter future for your Family,

Be that better Man,

And please, always just try to do your best,

Use your abilities to their fullest capabilities,

Never again settle for anything less,

Life’s journey is not a contest,

It’s about winning at being your true self,

That’s what I encourage, and happily express,

Accept your strengths and weaknesses,

Always taking initiative to improve,

It’s how you can One Day At A Time progress”,



I thank Him everyday for that answered Prayer,

Grateful Gratitude Attitude, for giving Me so

Much heart stored within My chest,


I don’t need gold, or a special

Map for life’s quest ,

Him helping me rediscover myself, is the

Same as shining bright like

A diamond,

Or any type of platinum treasured chest.

By: Dave Riley