If I wasn’t trying to improve, then

My paper would lay dormant,


My pen wouldn’t even choose to move,


My feelings are laid down true and proud,

I’m friendly with all of them too, so

My motivation will

Never choose to fail or lose,


My hopes and dreams are always awake,

Even when I sleep there is no button for them to snooze,

I have a passion bass hear,

 With high volume treble,

So my whole entire body feels the

Sensation of its constant groove,


No room for those past self doubts,


And Mr. Depression Gloom,

My family’s love surrounds so there’s no

Possible way he can bring me down,

Sitting there degrading me as he tries to

Hover and loom,

He can try his hardest, but

It doesn’t matter if he feels froggy, opens and

Feels like he can bloom,

I no longer care if his depressive engine really vrooms and zooms,


Because this is David’s pen,

It’s a slingshot to his negative influences,

Or any other problems he tries to

 Stew and brew,

My bic’s ballpoint strives against his goliath’s ghouls,


It’s dusting off my shoulders with pages of perseverance,

I’ve been handed down heavy handed Positivity brooms,

Sweeping away the past,

My self esteem is now happily taken care of And groomed,


God’s with me every step of the way,

I can feel his presence in every footstep I

Take within these feet and shoes,

Steps of pure progression,

Working to become a better Man,

 It’s how I strive to cruise,

I Pray with Thanks on a consistent basis,

It’s the significant and quite proficient tool I work with and

Constantly use,


These Blessings and Gifts that I have received are

 More valuable than any diamonds,

And way more cherished and precious than

Any other colored jewels.

By: Dave Riley