As my ink fills the page,

I realize the vital importance of each composition’s reflection,

Breakin’ down the day,

Makin’ sure I did my best in each minute, hour, and every second’s section,

That’s why I try my damnest to bring forth the passion through my pen from

Within my heart,

It’s a sincere collection from my brain’s currents and waves of communicative connection,


Sharing hope and positive vibes to others who may be struggling,

My cohesive complexion,

For, with pouring out my inner most emotions it

Gives some helpful insight to those that might be stuck at a fork,

A life’s frightening intersection,

Maybe tough times that seem way too difficult and too testin’,


So I hope to provide some encouragement,

To make “changing for the better” their

Primary selection,

I’m not perfect by any means, but I have learned through my past troubles

And addictions many lessons,

Through experience we need to teach our kids, teens, and adolescents,

So helpin’ out in any way I can, well…

That’s my poetry’s choice of words, and selective elective,

Poetical incentive,

After all,

Raising more awareness is in its own way extremely protective.

By: Dave Riley