coffe art paintingWe, at “Dinndas Journey to Recovery” are dedicated to lending an assist to those dealing with addictions so as to find a recovery that is both satisfying and enriching. We similarly are dedicated to a societal intervention that fosters a national response which will heighten awareness and encourage a more comprehensive societal and personal response to addictions. The “Two Tears” symbol of addiction by being frequently seen by so many is one step closer to affording a greater recognition of how prevalent addictions are. It will allow persons who wear or display the symbol to more readily discuss issues associated with addiction. Through the process of discussing these issues more openly (the symbol encouraging this) many of our youth will be more apt to hear the dialogue and understand the heartache and losses that come with addiction.

I personally do not want to see the sweetness and innocence of my 3 and 4 year old grandchildren growing up with the ravages of addiction fostered by a society that does not have the tools to warn and alter its course as a nation. Having worked in the field of addictions for over 40 years I am more concerned and worried than I have ever been. We, in this present time, have already lost so much to heartache and lost lives not to mention lost commerce that makes us a strong nation. Please join us in our effort to enhance how our nation addresses addiction.

We will establish our first coaching center in January with one lead coach and 12 coaches and various mentors.   We will be piloting this program through June before expanding it. It is our hope to open numerous, “Coaching Centers” through your care and support. You may want to be a part of this, let us know. We otherwise hope you will visit the on-line store and find an item to your liking in order to display the “Two Tears” symbol. We have priced all items such that half the cost of the product is the cost of all process to produce the product. This allows all purchases in the online store to have half the price as a tax deduction contribution. We otherwise would appreciate your support of a donation to increase the services we are seeking to expand to each state. We anticipate going forward we will be able to have contributions targeted to specific states and later to specific Coaching Clinics. The tax deductable 501-(C) (3) application has been submitted.  We anticipate a successful review from the IRS.