You were there for me when the odds were stacked against me,

When I thought I was fightin’ all those battles alone, you made it crystal clear that

It wasn’t just “you” it was “We”,

But I didn’t want that, I wanted you to have a better life than with me,

I know you remember me telling you to just leave, in fact I think I did it with an actual plead,

It wasn’t worth dealin’ with I said, but you promised me you would never ever leave,


You dealt with the worst of me, tears covering the floor, keeled over, barely being able to breathe,

In pain, in agony, punchin’ holes everywhere, severe cases of anger-filled dry heaves,

Prescriptions had me by my roots, and the narcotics were the addiction’s seeds,

Pill bottles filled my pockets, I was a walking pharmacy, my body and mind were under attack daily,

 It was automatically under siege,

Me having you deal with it was a self-centered selfish sort of regretful greed,

Extinguishing my emotions by letting depression and my distinct disease take the lead,

Adderall, Klonopin, Vicodin, Morphine,  I had been transformed into a pharmaceutical fiend,

Wearing Fentanyl patches for “shadow pain” too, it was a ticket to self-destruction, so having you witness it all was just downright mean,

All that I could truly comprehend was that I was mentally tapped out, unable to carry on, or so it seemed…..


I remember shakin’ in the shower, I had to have you wash me, sweatin’ from withdrawels at the same time shakin’ in a deep freeze,

That was the result when I decided I couldn’t take the narcotics anymore and somehow tried to wean,

I could barely even move, couldn’t function, feelin’ like my heart was gonna cave in and suddenly seize,

But you stuck by my side every single strugglin’ second and tended to my every need,

Wanting to escape from my own skin, but you had some Miraculous way of putting my mind at ease,

When I lost all faith in myself, somehow you always held out hope and always believed……


You went through pure hell with me, and now because of your strength and love to persevere together I’ve

Never felt more cared for, cared about, and worry-free,

You knew that fixin’ me would take so much work, but you’re a person with an infinite amount of good deeds,

I’m SO damn grateful and relieved that you kept me on your team,

You didn’t even think twice you just buckled down, got down to business and rapidly rolled up your sleeves,

Picked me up when I was down to say the least, and now because of your support I’ve learned to accomplish goals and

Successfully achieve,


You ARE what a “Soul Mate” MEANS, a Love that’s so sincere I thought it’s something that I would

Only sense, see, and feel in dreams,

Or like a passionate fantasy love story that someone lays in bed and reads,

 “You complete Me”,

In another words, have a look see,

The best day of my life was when you nodded your head and said “Yes,” as I knelt there on bended knee,

The other days are tied for first place too, it’s the two special days that you gave us our beautiful children so that we

Could expand our Sacred Family Tree.